Board of Advisors


Zoran Konevic

With his keen entrepreneurial skills and ability to work out complex business projects, Mr. Konevic has led numerous companies to rise to the top. He has provided the fundamental elements and solutions required such as financing, management, niche strategies, marketing, product development, distribution, instilling and securing International Relations.

Today, Mr. Konevic continues to invest into niche opportunities. He is involved in various industries throughout the world and controls a prestigious portfolio of businesses and Intellectual Properties.



Robert (Bob) Ezrin

In an illustrious career in music and entertainment that has spanned over 50 years, Toronto-born Bob Ezrin has worked in all media with many of the world’s most important contemporary artists including: Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, U2, Peter Gabriel, Deep Purple, KISS, Johnny Reid, Lang Lang, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Elton John, Lou Reed, Rod Stewart and many others.

He is also an innovator and entrepreneur having co-founded The Nimbus School of Recording Arts in Vancouver, B.C. in 2009; Enigma Digital, a seminal Internet broadcasting and social media company in 1999; and 7th Level Inc (NASDAQ: SEVL) in 1992, the first PC based interactive entertainment company. He also served as Chairman of Live Nation Recordings in 2008 and Vice-Chairman of Clear Channel Interactive in 2001.



David C. Olesen

David C. Olesen has developed a unique and valuable blend of skills throughout a successful career that has included his position as a partner in a Toronto law firm with a broad practice emphasizing all aspects of corporate and commercial law, banking and finance. David has also managed and brought businesses forward at the executive level andacted as the Director of Policy and Senior Advisor to Ontario’s Minister of Finance.

As an advisor David continues to provide breadth of practical experiences, knowledge and proven abilities to various businesses from early stage ventures and beyond where he is able to provide guidance and advanced business and legal solutions. Today, David is able to assist on many levels including but not limited to bringing innovative technology through financing, engineering and fabrication towards commercialization, to name a few.