Airos provides technology for charities and non-profits such as sports teams and schools to automate their fundraising. The technology simplifies campaign management, provides detailed reporting and accepts different forms of payments. Financial collection during the campaign and financial settlement after the campaign are standard features.


The Nexx Fundraising solution provides automated, year-round funds generation via coupon books, product sales and percentage of sale.    

Coupon books distribute international, national and local coupons via a mobile, tablet, web and print offerings. Redemption tracking is provided as a standard feature.

Product sales are used by charities and non-profits to sell products to generate funds. A percentage of each product sold will be provided to the beneficiary. The platform provides offerings from Airos’ merchants and can include merchants the charity or non-profit wishes. Airos provides payment processing and if required warehousing and delivery.

Percentage of product sales using the Nexx Wallet provide the beneficiary funds whenever a supporter spends money at a participating merchant.

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