Airos provides Web-site and phone application solutions to facilitate e-Commerce. The solutions support payments by credit cards, ACH, Paypal, gift cards, closed loop systems and other platforms. Analytics are provided to merchants both for payment trends, inventory patterns and marketing campaign results as part of the standard reporting. The e-Commerce platform can be integrated with the merchants brick and mortar payment system to provide unified interaction with consumers.


[one_half_last]Airos provides a complete solution including Web site development using our shopping cart platform.

In order to provide the consumer with different channels of transacting, the Airos solution provides web, tablet and mobile phone access to the merchant offering. The e-Commerce solution provides a payment engine and advertising/cross platform marketing.

Airos can optionally provide Web, mobile and tablet content management including marketing campaigns and e-magazines. Airos has industry specific solutions including retail, media & entertainment, manufacturing & packaged goods and travel & hospitality.

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