Airos develops and deploys 3D gaming technology that bridges the virtual world with the real world. The games are targeted to all age groups and genders through the use of interesting and challenging themes which require strategy and skills to complete. Social network interaction from within the game allows for inclusion of popular platforms such as Facebook and Youtube to the gaming experience. The games support geocentric, player relevant in game advertising and support major mobile, tablet, console and web platforms.




We all love fast, luxurious and exotic cars!

Players can live these dreams in The Hunt game by choosing the car of her/his dreams; finding the hidden game parts and advancing to the next levels until they reach the ultimate finish line.

The drivers must follow the Hunt rules in order to not be penalized and will earn bonuses by exceeding game targets.

If they’re at the top of the game and able to reach certain ranks, he/she would be invited to race other VIP racers in exclusive fun and exotic virtual locations.[/one_half_last]