Airos develops end to end payment solutions including chip, smart card and mobile platforms. The Airos solutions are secure, have high throughput and are scalable using high availability hosting environments. The standard offering provides detailed batch, real time and dashboard reporting. The architecture supports existing processors including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and closed loop processors in the same offering.




Airos provides the Nexx Wallet, a platform for consumers and merchants to interact securely, cost effectively and conveniently. The Nexx Wallet is available for both merchants and consumers on Web browsers and mobile phones.

The Nexx wallet interfaces to Internet shopping carts and in-store POS platforms. Payment methods supported include debit credit, ACH/EFT and closed loop processors.
The Nexx Wallet provides consumers a method of quick and secure payments with a consolidated reporting on where they are spending funds. Consumers can also optionally receive relevant communication including coupons and discounts from merchants they are interested in.

Merchants benefit from the Nexx Wallet by having a consistent interaction with consumers for brick and mortar, e-Commerce and m-Commerce transactions. Merchants can monitor the cost of customer acquisition and implement marketing campaigns using the Nexx platform.

The Nexx Wallet provides funds settlement for all activity including payments, incentives and other transactions across multiple currencies.



In Branch PIN Management System is an EMV PIN management system that is deployed for hundreds of branches for a large North American bank. The terminal application and host application are provided by Airos Group.[/two_third_last]

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